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Learning About Vikings

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Need some ideas for learning about vikings?  We have been studying the Vikings this past week.  We are in Volume 2 of the Story of the World and there have been a few fun chapters about the Viking explorations and their raiding of other countries.  I thought it would be fun to do a little extra digging and learn a few more things about them.  The Vikings have always fascinated me.

make a viking longship from a milk carton

How to Make a Viking Longboat:


1/2 gallon cardboard milk carton
Wooden Skewers
Masking Tape
Viking Boat Images

We made a really fun model of a Viking Longboat from a milk carton.  I started by cutting the carton in half the long ways (after rinsing out).

I used the images from the Story of the World Activity Book on the Viking lesson for the head and tail and glued them to cardboard for support.  Attach with masking tape, and tape all the way around the boat several times to cover the milk images and add the front part of the ship.

To make the oars, I cut skewers in half and made a paddle with a small piece of masking tape.  Then I used a hole punch to make the holes in the side of the boat.  My kids have been playing with this viking longboat for days now.  It was a huge success!

Books About Vikings for Kids

We ADORE the D’aulaire books and this Norse Myth one is great!

This book: 100 Facts on Vikings is a fun one to learn a little more about the Vikings.  There are great images of their homes and their villages, craft ideas, maps of their travels, and more. We have a few of these 100 Fact books, and all of them are really wonderful!

We are also reading together as a family the book Viking Tales from Yesterday’s Classics (free on Kindle). This is a fun story of the Viking legends and mythology (Norse myths). My kids and I are all really enjoying the stories in this book.

Brain Pop has a great Viking movie– we love this site!

PBS has a section on their site about Vikings with clips from a video that was done on Vikings: about their villages, archaeology, and more.
Practical Pages has created some beautiful Viking paper dolls (as well as many other historical ones). They are hand-drawn. Amazing, right?
Learn about writing in Runes
We learned about Viking Runes (the viking alphabet) & wrote some codes to decipher.
Do you have any other fun things to do to learn about the Vikings?




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  1. Yes- I love SOTW! It is very simple, but you can expand on it as you desire. I highly recommend the activity book to go along with it because it gives book recommendations, coloring pages, and project ideas. Then you can make it as complex or simple as you want.

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