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How To Make a Lego Chess Set

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Yes, we are back at it again with another LEGO post!  This is a bit of a record for me.   This time I want to show you a project that my son has been working on for a while. He created a LEGO Chess Set!  He is a big fan of the game chess, so combining two of his passions seemed like a logical idea! 🙂  LEGOS are kinda a big deal at our house and chess is becoming increasingly popular, too.

Lego Chess Set

How to Make a LEGO Chess Set

To make this set we used a small square base plate (16×16).

Make a Lego Chess Set

The squares are black and white 2×2’s. You need 32 of each color, black and white.

Lego Chess Pieces

The trickiest part was finding all of the parts for the chess pieces. It took my son quite a long time to sift through everything and find all that he needed. I have to apologize for not knowing the names of all of the little tiny pieces, but hopefully the images above will help you see what they look like and how to build them.

Lego Chess Set for Kids

You need 2 bishops, knights, and rooks of each color, one king and queen of each color and 8 pawns of each color.  Learn How to Set up a Chess Board & Rules for Playing here!

How to Make a Lego Chess Set

I have to say that I kind of adore this little chess set and I am so proud of my son for putting it all together!  He had a blast making it and we are having fun using it, though it will likely be more of a display piece! 😉

The inspiration for this set came from the LEGO Ideas Book51BfRydx6FL

Now just a side note on chess.  I am TERRIBLE at the game of chess. My 11-year-old son beats me and has to coach me through every game. He has taken a couple of chess classes at our homeschool co-op and has really gotten good at it.  I forget the moves each and every time. Maybe some day my brain will retain that information.

When we were just starting to learn, we got this No Stress Chess set to help us learn. (Ok, I still use it. . .) It has cards that tell you how all of the pieces move.



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  1. I love this idea. I think that may be one Lego book that we don’t have. Anyway, I’m sure my eight-year-old son would love to do this, and then use it to beat me at a game. I just. can’t. retain. the. rules. Oh, well. My children all have fun trying to teach me before they win. Thanks for sharing.

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