Spring Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out

When Spring comes around I always love doing a big Spring cleaning and clean-out. I have especially felt the desire to do it this Spring since having my baby. I get so tired at the end of my pregnancy that I am not the best cleaner!  So today I have some great tips for Spring cleaning. I am happy to be helping with a Mr. Clean “Clean Free Weekend” promotion. I get to try out the latest Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle products in my house. I also get to give a great Mr Clean package to one of my readers! (Read on for more details).

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Up & Cleaning Out

I like to start my Spring Cleaning by cleaning out. Then as I get areas cleaned out I can clean them up as I go.  I have been slowly working through an area in the house each week. If you just do a little each day it really is not an overwhelming project. I cannot spend my whole day cleaning since I homeschool my kids, but I can do it bit by bit. Also, if you spend a little more time during the week cleaning, then you can have time off on the weekends to play!

As far as cleaning out goes, I have a rule that if I have not used it or worn it in a year, then it is probably time to get rid of it!  I’ll be honest, I do not always follow that rule, but I try hard to stick to it.


I started in my bedroom.  I had to shift my clothes for the season change as well as for the size change since I just had a baby. As I got rid of maternity, and pulled back in some of my regular clothes (those that fit) I cleaned out the ones that I knew I did not want anymore. I also sorted and reduced my shoes. I got rid of any winter shoes that I did not wear this year.  While you are in the bedroom, pull of the curtains and dust ruffles and wash them.

I did the same things in my kids’ bedrooms. I also needed to rotate their clothes for the seasons. The clothes that we no longer needed, or that the kids do not like, I added to the get rid of pile.  I helped them clean under their beds and in their closets, since that tends to be where the most mess builds up in their rooms.  Wipe down doors, walls and baseboards in each bedroom. Dust!


Under the bathroom sinks it seems to always get extra messy.  I like to sort and clean out under the sinks as needed.  I tend to hang on to things that I do not really need for way too long, so I am making myself get rid of the little samples and things that I will likely never use. Throw out old make-up and old nail polish that you never use anymore.  The bathrooms always need a good scrubbing in all areas, too. I am using my new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in there and I really like it!  I can always use a few extra muscles when I scrub my tubs and sinks. There is a special formula just for the bathrooms!


I love giving my kitchen a good scrub down. I usually do an intense clean about twice a year where I really do everything and make it all sparkle.  Organize the pantry shelves and wipe out the shelves as I go.  Clean out under the sink.  Clean out the oven.  Clean out the fridge and wipe out the shelves and drawers.  Wipe down the cabinet doors, the refrigerator and dishwasher.  Clean out the ‘junk drawer”.  File or throw out all of the papers. Mr Clean’s Liquid muscle is doing a great job in my kitchen as well. It is a concentrated formula with 2.5x more power in every drop  and can be used in any area that needs cleaning.

Living Areas:

I tend to keep my main living room quite clean since it is what people see when they come into the house.  There are still some great ways to freshen it up, though.  Wash the curtains.  Wipe the baseboards.  Vacuum under the couch.  Wash the windows inside and out.  Dust all of the spaces.


Sort and clean out old toys that are no longer payed with. I often give my kids a half rule when the toys become overwhelming. “We have to reduce this box by one half.”  It tends to work well for them.  Also, if you give them a purpose in cleaning out their toys (donating them to charity for children who do not have any toys) they are more willing to part with less-used toys.
Also Clean the baseboards and windows. Dust and clean any other needed surfaces.


Does your garage tend to build up more junk during the winter?  We store our bikes and outdoor toys in there through the winter so it is always nice to pull those things out when the weather warms up. Then my husband and I can sort and clean out in the garage.  This is where I tend to pile my things to get rid of as well. So, I save cleaning it for last.  Sweep it out and wash down the floor.  Fill up your car with all of the things you have chosen to get rid of and drive them to your local donation center.

What are you doing to Spring Clean in your house??

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Homeschooling With a Newborn

I had a baby this year. For a while after an event like this everything else in life sort of takes a back seat, even homeschooling.  That is normal. I get lots of questions about how I juggle homeschooling with a newborn. Today I want to share with you how I made it through the transition.  I am going to be completely open and honest with you. It isn’t easy, and it wasn’t perfect.

Homeschooling with a Newborn

If you have other children, you know the transition of welcoming a new child into your family. There is an adjustment period for the whole family. Mom and Dad are tired and the children struggle for more attention. It is also a time of wonderment and excitement. A new baby is a wonderful lesson to your children. They learn to be more self-sufficient. They learn to help you more when needed. They learn about the different stages of life. It is a truly wonderful thing for a family.

The hugest piece of advice I can give about homeschooling with a newborn is to relax.  We tend to get all worked up over missed school time and missed activities that we think we are failing at homeschooling and at mothering. Your kids will survive time off and will not become dumber because of it! Allow yourself a break, and be completely OK with it. I took about 2 weeks off from school, completely.  I needed time to heal and rest. I needed time to be with my family and adjust to the new life that had joined us. During our time off, I still read to my children. We also did other educational activities, just in a very simplified format.  Two weeks may not seem like a lot to some, but it was all that I wanted. Take what you need.  I like structure and routine, so I prefer sticking to that routine in our family. School is our routine.

homeschooling with a new baby

When we started back to our more regular school routine, there were more interruptions and distractions. I started by adding in the very basics. Our school day was simplified down to the bare bones for a little while. I didn’t stress about the extra experiments and projects or the arts and crafts. I just kept it nice and easy, manageable for an overly tired mom.  My kids can do quite a lot of their school work independently, they just need guidance and encouragement (a little push in the right direction).  So, I just sit in the room with them while nursing my baby and am there for their needs. There are other things that they cannot do entirely on their own. But honestly, it is easy to sit and read with my children while holding or feeding a baby.  It took me time before I had the energy or the desire to do any of the extras. To be honest, I am still struggling with that. I just take it a little at a time and there are still hard days.

My little girl is three months old now and sleeping well. I feel like I am finally to the point where I feel like things are back to “normal”. The kids needed to understand that there were fewer of the extras. I had to explain to them why we did less projects, less field trips and less of all the more hands-on things. Kids are very resilient and can easily adapt to changes. They are also willing to accept that Mom is busier and not feeling as energetic as she used to. Luckily late pregnancy also prepares them for that!

So, how do I juggle homeschooling with a newborn?  I do less and don’t worry about it. I relax our schooling and spend more time reading and less time on projects. If you are having a new baby soon and worry whether you can still homeschool, hang in there. You really can still do it, and you don’t have to be a super mom to accomplish it, either.


See how other iHomeschool Moms are juggling their busy lives!




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