Bible Storybook Review & Giveaway

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As a Tommy Mommy blogger, I feel so lucky to have the chance to receive so many wonderful books to review as well as giveaway to you guys. This month the book we received was called God’s Word For Me: Bible Storybook.


Bible storybook

God’s Word For Me features favorite stories from the International Children’s Bible compiled by Tama Fortner and illustrated by Marijke ten Cate.  It was previously published as the Beginning Reader’s Bible. The International Children’s Bible translation was developed over many years by twenty-one scholars. It was made to be easy for children to read. The great thing about kids reading this is that they are learning the Bible stories as they practice reading.


This Bible features memory verses, activities and prayers along with the stories. This helps kids to reinforce the things they are learning as they read the stories. It also helps them learn to live the words of the Bible.

bible storybook for kids

At the end of the Bible, there is a reading chart, songs, memory verse chart, and other facts to help them learn and memorize.  This Bible storybook is a great learning resource for kids as well as a fun book that kids enjoy reading. I have enjoyed reading it to my younger kids, too.


gods word for me- bible storybook

Some things I love about this book are the colorful pages and creative illustrations. I love how they encourage kids throughout the book to do the things they learn about. I also love that it has a ribbon bookmark in it. That is a simple thing- but I like it because it encourages my kids to save their place and keep reading it later, and they have been.


And, since I am all about giving away stuff to you guys… I am happy that Tommy Nelson is giving a copy of God’s Word for Me- Bible Storybook to one of my wonderful readers! Enter below. :)  This is just the month of giveaways here, isn’t it?


Homemade CD Spinner Toy

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We have been participating in our summer library program this year and I am always so impressed with the creative things they do with the kids. Last week the theme was all about color. They read some darling books to the kids about color and did some color mixing with colored water. The craft was what I loved this week, though.  They made the funnest little CD spinner toy that my kids have been playing with all week. This CD spinner craft is simple and could be great for a craft day with the kids, a birthday party, or any other event with lots of kids. You just need old CD’s, a bottle cap, marbles, and some paper to color for the design on top.

CD Spinner Toys

I did a little research and found that Spoonful has the craft on their site with a free printable template to color and cut out.  They have three different patterns to choose from. You could easily do this with any pattern you want, though. Just cut a paper the size of a CD and color it as desired. Then glue the paper onto the top of the CD. We used glue sticks to make ours.

recycled CD and bottle cap spinner toy

Once your paper is on, use a hot glue gun to glue the bottle cap to the top side of the CD, over the top of the paper. Use a marble and hot glue it into the hole on the bottom side of the CD spinner. The marble will be the base used to spin the toy.

recycled cd

My kids all ended up choosing the same pattern when they made them. I love how they turned out! It is a fun craft that keeps kids busy.

cd spinners

Just one little warning- the marble does come out after a little while, so watch your little ones with it!