Fun Ways to Teach Food Safety

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I used to be a home economics teacher before having kids. One of the subjects I taught in our foods class was food safety and kitchen sanitation.  Safety and sanitation may not be the most exciting subject to teach to kids, but I have a few fun ideas to help kids learn the basics about keeping a kitchen safe and clean.

Teaching Food Safety to Kids

First, I wrote a little 6-page mini booklet to teach kids about the basics of sanitation in the kitchen. I am offering this as a subscriber freebie today! When you sign up for my email list an confirm your subscription, you will be directed to the page where it can be downloaded.


Sanitation mini booklet- Free Download

I have also found a couple of fun online resources that you can use to teach your kids more about it.

How Dad Got Sick- e-book from USDA

Food Safe Families toolkit from USDA- free downloadable materials to teach kids about food safety

Scrub Club- a website for kids with videos, games, and other activities to teach sanitation and cleanliness. There is also a teacher/parent section.

Fight Bac This website has movies, activities, lessons and all kinds of fun stuff for all grades.

Nourish Interactive Website- This site is focused on nutrition for kids, but they have a section on food safety and hand washing to teach kids sanitation.

Home Food Safety has a download for kids on food safety.


Food Hygiene movie from YouTube:


BACFighter has several videos on food safety

This one is on Food Poisoning

Bacteria for Kids

Food Safety Music


Easy Mosaic Craft

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Crafting with my kids is something I really love to do. I have always enjoyed simple crafts, but I also really enjoy how happy it makes my kids when we do these little projects together.  They enjoy the creating aspect, but they also enjoy the focused mom time. My two kids in the middle especially enjoy it and ask to do a project with me nearly every day. One thing I love about blogging is that I get to share these things that we do, but I am also creating a scrapbook of memories that we can look back at later.  Elmer’s has issued a challenge to parents to take the Let’s Bond Quality Time Pledge. The pledge says that you will commit to spending 10-20 minutes a couple times a week creating, laughing, gluing, and bonding with your children.  This week we put our crafting skills to work and made a simple mosaic craft that my kids loved! I was compensated for my time writing this post. 

Simple Mosaic Craft


To make our mosaic craft we used a one inch square punch to make it fast and easy. We used a bunch of colors of construction paper to make the pictures extra colorful.

square punch mosaic craft

The kids chose shapes for me to draw and then they covered the shapes with glue using their Elmer’s Early Learners glue sticks.

Elmer's early learners glue

Then I just let them fill the shapes in with all of the squares however they wanted. It is so simple and an be adapted for all ages! Give the older kids the challenge to make patterns.


We ended up with a butterfly and a flower.


Spend some time crafting with your kids this week! They will thank you.