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VeggieTales & a Netflix Giveaway!

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VeggieTales has a new season that has come exclusively to Netflix called VeggieTales in the House.  It went live TODAY!  It has 4 episodes each split into 11 minute stories that take place inside their house. They have a new updated look with their animation by DreamWorks. Each episode has the great silly songs that we all love from VeggieTales. (I received a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.) 


If you have never watched VeggieTales with your kids, it is a faith-based cartoon for ages 5-7 (but my 10-year-old still loves it!). The characters are all lovable vegetables: Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and more… They share stories in a fun, silly way that have a great moral. They inspire kids and uplift them with great messages. We are big fans at our house and this new series did not disappoint.

VeggieTales hotline

Along with the opening of the new season, the VeggieTales have started their own hotline that will be live only from today (Nov. 26th) through December 5th. If you call 1-844-2-VEGGIES (1-844-283-4443), you will get to listen to Bob and Larry telling jokes, singing songs, sharing scriptures and even a few recipes. They change each day, too. We have called it a few times and heard different things. My kids LOVE it!



As a special bonus to celebrate this new series, I have a 3-month Netflix gift card to giveaway to one of you!  If you already have it, you can apply it to your current subscription, too.

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