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Learning Fractions With Flags

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Wow! Where did the holidays go? I took a bit of a blogging break, but I am back and ready to go! Today I have a fun way to do fractions with flags with your kids.  I have this great book called MathART by Carolyn Ford Brunetto. It has some cool ideas in it for hands-on math learning ideas. One of the projects I saw as I was browsing through were making fraction flags. I thought it could be an easy project to do with my two elementary learners.

learn fractions with flags

There are a few ways to practice learning fractions with flags. We started with graph paper and a set of Flag Flashcards. I folded it into quarters and had the kids make 4 different flags on the paper. I told them to try to do each one representing a different fraction. They got creative with all kinds of colors and patterns.

After they drew them we talked about the fractions they used and discussed different ways that you could design a flag with the same fraction.

fraction flags

We then looked through the different flags and called out the fractions we saw on them. We also compared the patterns to the patterns that they drew to see if any were similar. Wow! There are a lot of African countries!  😉

fractions on world flags


This book was my inspiration:



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