Scripture Lullabies Review~ Christian Lullabies for Children

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Hidden in my Heart- Christian Lullabies

Music is a huge part of my life. I am always in search of beautiful and uplifting music. Since I have young children in the home, I am especially mindful of the music that I play in my home. My kids really like listening to music in their rooms as they go to sleep. I like to have soothing music that helps them to sleep.  I heard about the Scripture Lullabies CD a while back and had it on my wish list for a while. I was SO excited to have the chance to get a copy of both volumes I & II of Hidden in My Heart Scripture Lullabies to review and share with you here. I truly feel blessed to have discovered this music and to have it in my home.

What We Love:

 What I love most about this music is that all of the lyrics are based on scripture. I have never seen another CD that combines scriptures with lullabies, so I am truly in love!  They are so beautiful and so soothing to listen to. My kids love them so much and listen to them over and over as they sleep. I love the messages of truth and peace they are hearing as they drift off to sleep. I will admit to you that I love them just as much. They are not just lullabies; the songs are just wonderful. I listen to them often when I want soft music to listen to as well. Most kids music is silly and annoying- this is neither.

Benefits of Music:

Good music has been proven in many studies to be beneficial to the brains and health of children and adults. Lullabies are no different. Parents have been singing to their kids for forever. I do the same with mine. Soft music can calm a child and help settle their minds so they can sleep better.  The fact that these songs are also paired with words of scripture makes it even more beneficial to young children’s minds. This music is also so wonderful to help prevent nightmares in your little ones.

How to Purchase:

If you visit the Scripture Lullabies website, you can listen to samples of the songs. You can also purchase the CD’s there. They offer CD’s and digital downloads of the music. The CD’s sell for $13.95 and the download is $9.95. You can even buy the accompaniment tracks with or without background vocals if you want to use them to sing in church. Each volume has 12 tracks of wonderful music. You can download a free sample on their site. They are also coming out with a 3rd volume, too! I can’t wait to get it!

It was produced by Breakaway Music founded by Jay & Trina Stocker in 2007. They are devoted to helping parents and children strengthen their relationship with Christ. The company donates 1 in every 10 CD sales to Pregnancy Resource Centers around the country.

Get a Discount:

You can receive a 15% discount on Volumes I or II through December 31, 2013 with the discount the code SLPROMO13

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I get to give away a copy of Volumes I & II to one of my readers! You will just love it… enter below. If you are chosen as the winner, you will have  2 days to reply and claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen.


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  1. My older kids are, sadly, “too old” to listen to lullabies at night, but my youngest (and the older ones when they were younger) listen to a cd called Evening Lullabies. My mom played it for thejm when she babysat for us and the kids got to the point where they wouldn’t sleep without it. I’ve wanted to get the Scripture Lullabies for awhile now.

  2. My daughter listens to a Fisher Price baby crib toy when going to sleep. I thought it was the worst thing when my mother-in-law bought it because it lights up and throws a moving image on the ceiling, but it has put my daughter to sleep for close to five years now.

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