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TypeKids: Online Typing Course for Kids

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I can honestly say that typing was never my strongest subject in school. I remember taking typing classes in middle school and high school. I was never the fastest, and I always looked at my hands. My kids on the other hand, love typing and are actually getting quite good at it already. They enjoy trying to type quickly and also seeing how much they can do without looking down. I think that the way our society is so technology focused, kids are just naturals at all thing related to computers. They need to really excel at these skills to get by! They will most likely type more than than they will write in their lives since most communication is done through computers now.  We have been trying out an online typing course this month called TypeKids. It has been a fun thing for my kids to do over our summer break. Plus, they are learning valuable typing skills! They will probably be much better at typing than I ever was.   I received this product for free and was paid for my time in writing this review. All opinions are my own and there was no requirement for a positive review. 

Online Typing Course for Kids

TypeKids: Online Typing Course for Kids

TypeKids teaches touch typing which is the ability to type using all 10 fingers blindly, without having to look at the keyboard. There are 30 lessons that take about 25 minutes each to complete. After they complete all of the lessons, TypeKids says that their typing skills will increase up to 5x. TypeKids has the technology to detect which letters need more practice and adapt to your kids as they go through the lessons.  The TypeKids online typing course has a pirate theme. When you start the game there is a fun story that comes on the screen about a boy named Jack who runs into a pirate. He get to go on an adventure and help the pirate, Captain Forty find his treasure. As you do the lessons, you become the main character in the story and go on the adventure. While typing, the pirate ship moves along and gets closer to the treasure. As you complete lessons, you unlock more chapters in the pirate story, badges and games along the way. You also earn coins to use in playing the games.

TypeKids  - Online Typing Course

How We Used TypeKids

We received a license for only one student, but my kids both really wanted to do the course. I just let them take turns using it. They love watching the other one do the lessons because they were excited to unlock new portions of the game as they went along. I definitely noticed improvement in their skills as they went along. My 7-year-old daughter improved the most and is really learning where all of the keys are. She can do it all independently, which I love, and she really enjoys it!  I like the way this course is set up because it is exciting for the kids to practice and watch the story unfold. I am glad to be able to use a program that encourages my kids to learn valuable skills in a fun way.

Typing for Kids

You can access the first three lessons for free to try out with your kids!

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