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Multiplication Facts for Kids – Free Printable!

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Do you have kids learning their multiplication facts? We have two kids at our house who are. We are practicing them all the time and I love to find fun ways to make it easier to practice these math facts.

Multiplication Houses Freebie!

I found a fun idea in a book I love called MathArt by Carolyn Ford Brunetto. It has all kinds of creative math ideas in it. The book had these Multiplication Houses and I thought it would be fun to make into a printable to share.



These Multiplication Houses teach the multiplication facts in a really creative way. There is a house for each number from 1-12. You print out the houses and cut them out. Then for each square with a number you cut around them so they open like a window. Then mount the house on another sheet of paper, gluing all except the windows. We liked using different colors of construction paper Behind each window the kids write the answers to the multiplication fact. For example, if it is the house of threes they multiply each number by three and write that answer behind the window.


Multiplication Houses- Free Printable


My kids really liked making these! They wanted to draw around it and decorate it as well as answer the problems.   We are doing them a few at a time and then we will be assembling them into a book to look at when they need to practice their math facts. It’s a lot of fun because it is both math and art!!

Multiplication worksheet

My daughter is the little artist in the family and loved decorating them more than she loved filling in the math facts!

Multiplication Houses - Free Printable

So, if you want a fun way to help your kids practice their multiplication facts, feel free to download your own free copy of the Multiplication Houses here!

love karyn


  1. I love anything that allows the kids to work on their Math skills alone! This is a cool idea and not as boring as flash cards.

  2. Very cute. I like the creativity and hands on way of learning.

  3. What a fun way to practice multiplication facts! Featuring you tomorrow :)

  4. What a great idea!! I’ve been struggling with getting my kids to memorize their multiplication facts. We may just make a few of these today :). And I especially love the idea of putting them all in a book when you’re done. Brilliant!

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