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Summer Nature Explorations

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We have been taking a break from our studies this month- hence the huge drop in posting here.  We have been busy with swimming lessons, summer camps, summer festivals, and workshops, but also, just playing outside.  We’ve taken a few hikes, worked in our garden,  played in the sprinklers, and the kids have been outside A LOT. 

My kids are little nature collectors.  We have so many collections of rocks, seeds pods, leaves, flowers, etc.  I love that they show such interest in these things.  I love to teach them the names of different trees, birds, and flowers as we are out exploring.  It is also fun to see the different stages of nature throughout the seasons.  I like to point these things out to my children- help them to be more aware of these things on their own

Collecting and pressing flowers
What happens when you break open these seed pods?  We have these all over our yard from a big London Plane Tree.  My kids were gathering them and I noticed there were also a bunch of these other things (on the right) that looked like they were the inside of the seed.  I asked my son what he thought- if they were the same thing.  He said no- we broke open some of the seeds and saw that they were the center of the pod.  It was fun to dig in ans see what it was like inside- we all learned something from this.
Get out and explore- see what you can learn from your back yard!
I found a wonderful website to help figure out what kind of tree we have.

love karyn


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