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Computer Coding For Kids- Books and Apps

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With the high-tech world we live in now, kids need to be more and more knowledgeable in the computer sciences and in advanced technology skills. One thing I have been trying to teach my son is computer coding skills. Great resources for teaching computer coding to kids are not easy to come by, but I have a few ideas for coding for kids lesson plans!

I have discovered a fabulous set of books called Help Your Kids With Computer Coding by DK Publishing. There is a book and a companion workbook that goes along with it. (I received these books for free in exchange for an honest review on my site.) 

Computer Coding for Kids

Computer coding skills are needed more and more in this world. Rarely is computer coding taught to kids in the schools. However, if you can give your kids a jump start on these skills, it will be a great benefit to them in the future. In these computer coding for kids books they teach it in such a fun way that your kids will beg to learn and do it.

I gave these books to my son and told him to read and try them out. Since I have absolutely ZERO knowledge of programming, I planned to learn along with him. He read several chapters in one sitting and hopped on the computer to try out the Scratch programming they outlined in the book. Within a short time, he was doing it with no assistance from me at all!

Scratch coding for kids

The book begins from Scratch, literally. Scratch is an interface that you can install and run on your computer. Through the scratch program, they are given different projects to work on such as making characters move, adding costumes, sounds, loops, and more.

My 10-year-old had a blast with Scratch and wanted to try it again and again. He even used some of it for his Scouting requirements. It also teaches the Python programming language which is a little more complex, but just as fun! If you have a son or daughter wanting to learn coding, this is a great starting point.

The Scratch website teaches kids to code in a gentle way using drag and drop lines of code. Kids learn how to make video games and other fun activities.

I’m pretty excited about all that my little guy is learning from these books. Not only is he learning coding languages, he is learning problem solving and computer programming skills.

Most of all, I love the fact that he thinks they are so COOL! Maybe it’s geeky, but so what!! 😉 Want to create your own little geek? Check out these coding for kids books!

Here are a Few More Coding for Kids Books:

Coding for Kids for Dummies 

How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons

Learn to Program with Scratch

Python for Kids

3D Game Programming for Kids

JavaScript for Kids

Learn to Program With Minecraft


More Ideas to Teach Coding to Kids

Check out my list of Coding Apps for Kids

Also Check out some of the awesome Coding Toys we have used with our kids:

Coding Robot for Kids with JIMU Robot

Cubetto: Coding Toy Robot

Dash & Dot: Coding Robots

Plus, check out the amazing Bitsbox Coding Subscription box!


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  1. Wow, I remember when I was 12 years old, I used to think that how these websites & software work. I asked my father and he told me that there are some experts who have programmed to let it work that way. But now the days have gone that a 12-year child is unaware of programming or coding. Kinds have now started to learn to code while playing simple games. I wonder what will be the future.

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