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Cubetto: Coding Toy Robot

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With the influx of new technology, it has been interesting to watch the direction of toys as well. There are so many amazing high-tech coding toys being created. We are lucky to be able to try out an awesome new one, Cubetto, a coding toy robot from Primo Toys. (We received this product for free in exchange for sharing the info here!)

Cubetto- Coding Robot Toy

About Cubetto-  The Coding Toy Robot

Cubetto, is a Montessori-inspired robot coding toy geared for ages 3-6. It is screenless and made of wood!  I absolutely love wooden toys, so I was thrilled to see that it was made of wood. I love the contrast between the wood and the technology it is using.

How do you code on a wooden toy without a screen you may ask?  It is pretty cool the way this works!   The coding in this toy is done with different blocks that determine the different directions the robot will go. It uses a simplified form of LOGO (a type of programming created in the 1960’s).

Coding toy for kids

Cubetto comes with the following: An instruction book, and an adventure book, the robot, a play mat, a programming board, plastic blocks. The robot and the board both require AA batteries to run.

How to Code with Cubetto

We began by reading through the instruction booklet. It is cute and written to be able to read to your children. This book helps you understand how to run the robot and what all of the parts are for.

robot coding toys for kids

Next we opened up the adventure book. You use the mat to play with the robot. In the adventure booklet, you follow the directions given in the book to complete missions. This is a perfect starting point to understand how Cubetto works.  It gives you instructions on where to send the robot and how many squares to use in the process.

cubetto programming board

To run the robot, you place it on the mat at the starting point. Then on the programming board, you add in the plastic blocks following the line. Each color represents a different direction (forward, right turn, left turn, or function). You place the blocks into the board according to the directions you want the robot to go. There is a space to make a function line, which is a pattern you can repeat multiple times by using the blue blocks.

Our Experience with Cubetto

My kids are absolutely in love with Cubetto!  It is such a fun coding robot! I love the creativity of it. I love the play mat and the booklet with adventures to go on. I only with it came with a couple more adventures instead of just one. But my kids now are creating their own. That’s part of the beauty of this toy.  You can purchase more play mats and blocks to go with the robot. My kids are now asking for ALL Of them! 🙂

It’s a very cool and innovative toy!

Primo Toys has a new Kickstarter campaign launching a new set of brand new, limited edition world maps and collectible game cards. The Kickstarter is for their new African Savannah pack.  The pack comes with a colourful map, a beautifully illustrated story book and collectible cards for additional coding activities, navigation tasks and games. The cards come complete with a supplementary eBook which provides extra coding activities and games aimed at developing literacy, memory, pattern recognition and numeracy skills. It looks wonderful!

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