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Don’t Get Zapped -Math Game

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We recently made a little math game called Zap-It.  I have also heard it called Ka-Boom.  We’ve been having so much fun playing it.  I made an addition version for my son and a sight word one for my daughter.  It is a fun way to practice concepts that you are learning.

I saved a containter from Parmesan cheese and cleaned it out to hold the game sticks.    I used some Jumbo craft sticks.  Then on each stick, put a math problem (or sight words).  I found a great printable here  (sorry about original broken link… updated) with addition problems ready to go. (She also got creative on this site & turned the can into a frog.)   I printed it on a full page sticker sheet, or you could do address labels, so you don’t have to cut them.

Along with the math problems, write “You’ve Been Zapped” on three sticks.  We also have some other sticks that say: Trade sticks with another player (they then trade all of their sticks with someone else), Take one stick from another player, and Take an extra turn.  You can put a few of these in as well.

To play the game, put all the sticks into the can, then take turns pulling them out & answering the questions.  The player with the most sticks at the end of the game wins.


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