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Roller Coaster Homemade Board Game

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We made a homemade board game this week and it is SO much fun!  It is made from a cardboard box. My son named it the Roller Coaster Game- which I think it perfect.  Read on to learn how to make your own board game. It’s s easy!

roller coaster board game

How to Make The Roller Coaster Homemade Board Game:

This DIY board game does not require a template or pattern.  It’s different than your classic board game because it is three-dimensional! This takes it to the next level!  Also, since you get to build it, it’s a craft and a game combined!
To make this fun homemade board game, I first found a cardboard box and taped it closed.
Next, I covered the box with different colored paper using packing tape.  We used a variety of colors of paper, just to make it more fun and colorful.
Once the box was all covered, I numbered each side of the box with the numbers one through six.  On side #1, I write in the starting point.
Then I drew different paths all around the whole box going in all kinds of directions using a black marker.  You can start with a pencil if you want it to be straight lines and more accurate.  We just started drawing, though. On side #6,  I write the finish/end square.
homemade game board

How to Play the Roller Coaster Board Game:

This game has a pretty basic set of rules. With a DIY game, though, you can create your own rules!  If you want to add something else beyond what we have created, feel free!  Definitely let your kids use their creativity to enhance it and make it their own. Once you decide on your rules, write them down to prevent any confusion.
To play the Roller Coaster Board Game, you will need some a game pieces (you can use some from other games, or buttons, coins, etc.) and one dice.

Rules of the Game (as we created them):  

Put your game pieces on the starting square.  Roll the dice, and move around the board.
When one player gets to the edge of the board, they flip it and let everyone else’s pieces fall off the edge.  They can continue on.  Everyone else has to roll an odd number to get back on the board.
To win the game, you have to have moved on all 6 sides and reach the finish first.
You could use this homemade board game for any kind of review game or lessons you are studying (sight words, vocabulary words, addition).  To enhance the game, you can make some some game cards (with review questions) and on some of the spaces you can write to pick a card. You can easily make cards out of index cards cut in half.
However, this roller coaster board game is also just a fun way to count & practice odd/even numbers.
It is simple learning game, but so much fun to play!  My kids (and I) are having fun playing this homemade board game together today.
This homemade board game would be great for a family game night. The whole family really will enjoy making it and playing it together.

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