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Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

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Play a game of Thanksgiving Turkey Tag this fall!

In the Fall when it starts getting colder, it seems like it is harder to stay active. I always try to get my kids out and moving a little in the cool air because I know it is so good for them to stay active!

I personally love running Thanksgiving 5k’s to keep myself moving, too!  I came up with a Thanksgiving game to get my kids running and moving this Fall. We call it Turkey Tag, or just Run, Turkey, Run! This is a perfect way to work off those extra Thanksgiving calories. Adults can play, too!

Thanksgiving Turkey Tag- game for kids

We read a fun Thanksgiving storybook called Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr and were greatly inspired by this book.  If you haven’t read it, see if your library has it.  It is really a cute, silly one. It is about a turkey who is running away from the farmer at Thanksgiving time. He does not want to be eaten and runs and hides.  My kids were all giggling through it. So, our Turkey Tail Feather Tag was inspired by the runaway turkey in the story. (Wait until you read the ending, it is hilarious!)

How to Make the Turkey Tail Feathers

How to make turkey tail feathers

We used some clothespins and painted them different colors. We used the Elmer’s squeeze n’ brush paints to make it extra simple & less messy.  They are awesome!

Painting clothespins

Once the paint dried, my daughter wanted to decorate them with glitter glue, because everything is better with glitter! 😉 Then we glued on some feathers to the end of the clothespins.  We used our Elmer’s Extra strength glue to make sure they stayed put really well.  When it was all dry it was time to run and play!

Turkey tail feather tag with clothespins

How to Play Turkey Tag

Turkey Tag is easy and lots of fun!  The kids all get one or two clothespins pinned on to the back of their shirt or coat.  We were wearing coats since it has been pretty chilly here this week.  Then the person in charge yells “Run, Turkey, Run!”  The kids all have to run and get clothespins off o the others’ shirts. After a minute or so, the in charge person yells “Stop, Turkey, Stop!”  Everyone has to freeze where they are. Then continue on like that. The first to get all of the clothespins wins!

Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

One adjustment I would make. These big feathers did not stay on the clothespins very well when the kids started getting rough.  i would use the smaller colored craft feathers that are available. I think they would be a little more durable and stay on better!  You could even cut feathers out of felt.  My kids LOVED playing this!  They had lots of fun. I think it would be even better with a big group.  I am thinking I will bring a big set of them to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner so all of the cousins can play together to pass the time and stay busy while all the food is cooking!

Thanksgiving Game for Kids

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  1. This game sounds fun. A twist on the game to involve adults and kids could be a version of the baby shower game by having each guest wear the turkey feather throughout Thanksgiving and all guest can’t say the word “Turkey”. If one guest hears another say “Turkey” that person can take the feather.

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