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Paint Chip Word Families

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paint chip word families

I found this fabulous idea to make paint chip word families over at the Snail’s Trail.  I loved it and immediately went to the hardware store to collect my paint chips.

How to Make Paint Chip Word Families

You need about 13 long paint strips with multiple colors on them and 34 with square holes cut out of them.  Some places have the paint chips with holes cut out of them, but I didn’t find them on my outing, so I used a square hole punch that I got over at the craft store.

I wrote these on the cards with the square cut out on them. These are commonly called word families.

  • ag
  • ab
  • ail
  • ain
  • ack
  • ake
  • am
  • an
  • ank
  • ap
  • all
  • at
  • ay
  • eed
  • ell
  • est
  • ew
  • ick
  • ight
  • ill
  • ine
  • ing
  • ink
  • ip
  • ob
  • og
  • ore
  • ot
  • out
  • ow
  • uck
  • um
  • unk
  • y
The following consonants, blends, and diagraphs are all written on the long paint chip that has a lot of colors.
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • f
  • g
  • h
  • j
  • k
  • l
  • m
  • n
  • p
  • q
  • r
  • s
  • t
  • v
  • w
  • x
  • y
  • z


  • bl
  • cl
  • fl
  • gl
  • pl
  • sl
  • br
  • cr
  • dr
  • fr
  • gr
  • pr
  • tr
  • sc
  • sk
  • sp
  • st
  • sm
  • sn
  • sw
  • spl
  • spr
  • str
  • squ


  • ch
  • wh
  • th
  • sh
  • ph
  • thr
  • shr

You can make 500+ words with these.  My kids thought they were pretty neat.  I think I will combine it with writing and have my son write the words he discovers in a list.  It should be fun to see how many we can make.

love karyn


  1. AWESOME!!!! I’m going to tell all my teacher friends — especially the kindergarteners! Thank you so much for sharing this FANTASTIC idea!!!

  2. Great idea! :)

  3. FABULOUS idea!! Thanks for sharing!! Following you from HHH :)Happy Tuesday, we love that you are hanging out with us today.


  4. Great Idea,heres another.Go to Home Depot and get the MICKEY MOUSE color shapes and sperate them for ho many students you have and clip them together and there you have an color wheel that will go with each student.
    Hopping over from the HHH

  5. So neat! What a fun way to play with the word families.

  6. Such a cool idea!
    Following from the homeschool blog roll. My son Logan is 5 months but we plan to homeschool. I am following you first years to learn from you as you begin. Would appreciate if you would follow me back in GFC at my blog

  7. Very cool!! I’m emailing this to myself, sounds like a perfect tool to make for my kindergartener. Thanks!! Here from HHH.

  8. Neat! I shared your link on my fb page! Great idea!

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