Sun Cardboard Marble Maze Game

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A few months back we made a Christmas marble game that was a huge bit in our house.  Since It’s warming up and sunny now, I thought I would try to make a new sun-themed cardboard marble maze game!

cardboard box marble maze


Watch it in action first!


How to Make the Sun Cardboard Marble Maze


The best part about this marble maze is you really just need cardboard boxes, scissors and a marble to make it!  The colored duct tape is just for fun to add color. If you have some, definitely use it, but you can make this easily without, too! Or you can order a pack of colored duct tape and use the box that it comes in to make the maze! 🙂


sun maze for marbles

We used 2 boxes to make our marble maze. One for the base, and then you need a larger flat piece to make the sun cut-out design.  I cut the flat side off of a larger box to make ours.

homemade marble maze game for kids

Cut the side flaps off of your box, and if it is a deep box, cut it down so it is more shallow.

On your larger piece of cardboard, draw your design.  We made a swirly sun with some sun rays around the edge.

cardboard box marble maze

I covered the front of the cardboard piece with white duct tape. I used a box cutter to cut the shapes out of the cardboard. Once I started in on the swirly part, I ended up switching to scissors to be more exact with the cutting. Make sure your design is wide enough for the marble to easily move through the maze track.

how to make a sun marble maze

On the inside of the box, I used another large flat piece of cardboard. to tape off the colors underneath the maze.   Once your design is cut, mark the spots of your design, and color or tape them off.

Once your design is finished tape or glue it down to the inside of the box.  I used a few small pieces of duct tape to keep mine down.

cardboard box marble maze

Now it’s time to have some fun with your marble maze! Put a marble into your box and maneuver it around the swirl.  Try it with a few marbles at once to see what you can do!

sun marble maze game

The sun rays can be another challenge, try to get a marble into each ray while also moving a marble through the sun’s swirl.

Isn’t this fun?  If you give it a try, I would love to see pictures of what you come up with!  You could make this with so many different designs.


Sun cardboard marble maze

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