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Easter Mad Libs Printable

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Easter is this week, can you believe it?  It is early this year and it really snuck up on me!  If you are in the same boat and need some last-minute Easter learning ideas, check out my new Easter Mad Libs printable.

Easter Mad Libs Printable

What Are Mad Libs?

If you are new to Mad Libs, you are going to love them.  They are silly stories with fill-in the blank parts of speech. The stories have missing words labeled as adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc.  Kids get to use their creativity and create some unique stories! It is a perfect time filler in a classroom. It is nicknamed “The world’s greatest word game”, and I have to agree in a lot of ways!  It is classic, timeless, fun and educational!

You do mad libs with a partner, so the person filling in the blanks does not know the context of the word they are choosing. It creates funny stories that always bring a laugh when they are read aloud once completed.

Mad Libs are great for teaching and reinforcing grammar skills with kids.  They practice parts of speech, spelling and writing skills, too!  It’s a great activity to build creative writing skills, too!

These printables can be used at home for personal use, in the classroom, in your homeschool, and for Easter party games!  They are versatile and an ideal resource for kids of all ages!  If you do a traditional Easter basket, these could be printed on colorful paper and added into you kids’ baskets for a fun Easter activity!

About the Easter Mad Libs Printable

My Easter Mad Libs printable has four different stories. The first story is about an Easter bunny who lost an important supply needed to make his deliveries.  The next story is about an Easter egg hunt in a town square.  Third is a story is about the Easter bunny collecting eggs, candy and other supplies and delivering them in Easter baskets. The fourth story is a religious one and is about families attending an Easter church service and having a family egg hunt after.  This last one is great to use in church Sunday school classes!

Mad Libs are the perfect blend of family fun and learning.  Your kids will not realize it’s educational, they will just enjoy this fun Easter activity.

This Easter Mad Libs is a free PDF file.  You can download it by clicking the button below and entering a valid email address.  This also signs you up for my email subscription where I send out occasional emails of the latest content.

Download the Easter Mad Libs Printable Now!

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