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Feed Me: Healthy Kids Nutrition Game

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I love teaching my kids about health and nutrition.  Today I have a healthy kids nutrition game I made with my kids.  We call it Feed Me!

feed me healthy kids game

I used to teach nutrition classes in a high school years ago, before having kids. It’s always been something I am passionate about. So, whenever I have the chance to help my young kids understand the importance of healthy foods for their body, I’ll take it!

How to Make the Feed Me Game

This game is perfect for a nutrition unit or an activity about taste when teaching the five senses.  (See my other Five Senses Activities for kids)

To play this game, you will need a cardboard box.  You could to this with a cereal box or a shoe box or any cardboard box you may have on hand.  You will also need a numbered die.

nutrition game healthy eating

To assemble the game you’ll need the printable set, some scissors and some glue as well as a box cutter if you have one.

DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE NOW: Feed Me Healthy Kids Nutrition Game

Use the printable set I created to build the game. It includes the kids- there are a few other kid options with other skin colors as well as some without color that you can color in as desired.  The printable also includes 2 sheets of foods- healthy foods and junk foods.  These are also included in both color and in black and white for coloring in if you don’t have a color printer.

Glue the kids you choose onto a cardboard box and cut out a large mouth.  We glued a sheet of construction paper on the back to make it look nicer.

healthy kids feed me game

Cut out the people and all of the foods. We printed two of each sheet of foods so the game could last a bit longer. Put the cut out foods into a paper bag.

To keep the foods separated in the back of the box, we put a cardboard section between the two people. This helped them fall into the right spot.

How to Play the Feed Me Healthy Kids Game

We played this game with 2 players and with two people on our box.  You can choose as many or few as you would like!

nutrition game for kids

To play the game, roll a die and choose that many foods from the paper bag without peeking.

healthy kids nutrition feed me game

Feed the foods into your person’s mouth.

The goal of the game is to get the most healthy foods. When picking you will get a variety of healthy foods and junk foods.  You have to feed all of them to your person. At the end, when you run out of foods, you sort them according to whether they are a healthy food or a junk food. The one with the most healthy foods wins!

feed me healthy kids math game

This is a great game to help kids with their counting skills.  It is also great for helping them learn the difference between healthy foods and junk foods and what is best for their bodies.


Feed Me- Healthy Kids Nutrition Game

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